Remote jobs
in Sweden

What is Remote Jobs in Sweden?

The name probably gives a hint. 😊 We got tired of applying for remote jobs and finding out half-way through the process that the job isn’t really remote at all. For us, hybrid remote is a deal-breaker.

Remote Jobs in Sweden only lists companies that hires for fully remote positions. The only other requirements are that the company is a Swedish employer, and that they hire for technical positions. In summary:

Remote means fully remote

Why not hybrid remote? While there are probably a lot of people that love working partially remotely, we have at least two good reasons to prefer fully remote companies.

The first reason is company culture. Remote first companies don’t treat remote employees as an exception. At a fully remote company, you won’t be left out just because you’re not at the office.

The second reason is that many people are looking for remote positions because they don’t want to commute. If you don’t live within range of a major city, or if you’re abroad for longer periods of time, or if you simply want to work in a fully remote team - “hybrid remote” or “partial remote” is just not an option.

What’s so great about 🇸🇪 Sweden anyway?

We think most countries are great! There are a few reasons why someone might prefer a Swedish employer, however.

If you live in Sweden or if you are a Swedish citizen, being employed ("anställd") by a Swedish company is very practical. Here are a few reasons:

Tech jobs only, for now…

This one is here for practical reasons. We are working in tech, so it’s easy for us to understand what a company on our list does and if they seem serious. The tech industry is spearheading the move to a remote workplace, so it’s also reflecting the current job market.

It seems pretty common that the tech team is remote, while sales, accounting and other teams are still working from the office. This is a pity, and we hope it changes. Please let us know if you have a non-tech remote job that you think should be on this site.

Ping us if you have any feedback or ideas!
- A & N